Brent Ryder bryder at
Tue Sep 12 05:37:37 PDT 2000

>The copies of the forms for submission online at our kingdom's web  site >print a little smaller than the originals.  The rumor is that  the online forms will >not actually be accepted by kingdom, even  though they are online, >because they seem a little reduced.

What Daniel Said

>I should note that, because I am neither Laurel, Star, nor Asterisk (for which >you should all be grateful), my answer was entirely unofficial.  Your mileage >may vary.  Do not back up; tire damage may result.  May cause oily stains >on underwear. Do not taunt Happy Pun Herald.

ja ja sur sur, speak for the Star Principal Herald. In a year and a half it will be your turn to volunteer ;-)

>However, if their answers differ substantially from mine, I would stare at >them as if they'd just sprouted three heads and branches, and then I would >enquire at length as to the reasons.

O goody, I escaped another grilling, and I really enjoy being saucy on the side.

Borek, Star

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