ANSTHRLD - Seeking Leofric Ealdricson

Tigernach mac Eóghain ua Aeda tigernach at
Tue Sep 12 08:38:51 PDT 2000

Hail my good lords and ladies!

I am a Herald of the Middle Kingdom who has a client who needs to have converse with the renowned and well-regarded gentle of your fair kingdom, Lord Leofric Ealdricson.  I am told he might even be a herald!

I would be most obliged in your regard, noble cousins, if  I could be put in touch with this most kind and generous citizen of your realm.

Yours in service,

Tigernach mac Eo/ghain ua A/eda
Incunabula Pursuivant
Kingdom of the Middle

mka J Stephen Hayes
376 E. Naghten St. 
Columbus, OH 43215
tigernach at 
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