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Can anyone help our neighbors in Meridies with this 
name question?

I can forward it to their list if anyone finds anything

Borek, Star

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Greetings folks!

Okay, I need help. I have been trying to find 
documentation on our mentor's name for three years. 
He's been playing for Years. When I was in Ansteorra I 
found a name as close as I could find to the name he
uses. Before I even suggest a name change, I want to 
get opinions whether or not it might work.  I don't 
want to get his hopes up, you know? I know that no one 
can guarantee the name passing, etc.

The name: Rumil. (He goes by Rumil Fletcher).
Source: Tolkein

Every so often I start digging and follow another 
trail. This is what I turned up on this hunt:

I was thinking of a deuterotheme  <Rum->  <-il>.  I 
have found both in Wickendens 25,000 Russian Names. I 
found <Rum-> for the prefix, and <-il> in <Brail>, 
<Nutil> 1143, and < Putil> 1567 for the suffix. I can't 
remember the date of Brail off hand.

I have already email Predslava Vrynda (sp?) but have 
not heard back from her yet.

Since the name is Russian, he'll probably want the 
Anglica Lingua rule applied so his name would be Rumil 
the Fletcher.

So, folks. Will it work? Any help greatly appreciated.

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