ANSTHRLD - Fwd: Re: [meridies-heralds] Question about name weirdnesses

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at
Tue Sep 26 23:13:13 PDT 2000

Maridonna said:
> The name: Rumil. (He goes by Rumil Fletcher).
> Source: Tolkein
> Every so often I start digging and follow another
> trail. This is what I turned up on this hunt:
> I was thinking of a deuterotheme  <Rum->  <-il>.  I
> have found both in Wickendens 25,000 Russian Names. I
> found <Rum-> for the prefix, and <-il> in <Brail>,
> <Nutil> 1143, and < Putil> 1567 for the suffix. I can't
> remember the date of Brail off hand.

Since Rumil is a name in Quenya (the "high elven" language in LoR), and
since Quenya is based on Finnish, I looked at what little I could find of
Finnish names.  No luck.  But all I searched was the 'net, and even then I
wonder if I missed some from search engines not equating "u" with "u with an
umlaut", or even "u with an omlat and a side of bacon".

Any Finns in the audience tonight?


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