ANSTHRLD - Name submission at Coronation

Debra R. Poole dpoole1 at
Tue Sep 19 20:57:05 PDT 2000

Asterisk will always accept and work with any submittors
that wish to make changes.  Paper work (changes only) can be
sent directly to Asterisk by anyone.  But please note that
if they do not meet the CoA standards they will have to be
returned and possible cause a delay in the submissions
process.  Thank you.  The mailing address for Asterisk is:

Debra Poole
P.O. Box 605
Terrell, TX 75160

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> > I haven't seen my lady's submission either and she
> > paid/submitted at the same time.
> What is your lady's name, that someone might look her up?
> > I sent the modified name in to the Herald that did the
> Hmmm.  Thinking about it, I think that in cases of trying
> "intercept a submission on the fly", the paperwork should
go straight
> to Asterisk Herald -- I hasten to add, not that you knew
that, or even
> that there's a fixed policy on that.
> Daniel de Lincolia
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