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Thu Sep 21 22:04:08 PDT 2000

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Debra R. Poole <dpoole1 at> wrote:
> Asterisk will always accept and work with any submittors that wish
> to make changes.  Paper work (changes only) can be sent directly to
> Asterisk by anyone.  But please note that if they do not meet the
> CoA standards they will have to be returned and possible cause a
> delay in the submissions process.

To emphasize Asterisk's message: it doesn't apply to just any
submission, but rather to the case under discussion, which was a
change to a submission in progress.  I should have suggested only a
warranted herald sending her changes, after talking with her first,
and after making sure that the submission is indeed in progress at
kingdom.  (If it was returned already, it should be handled as a
normal resub.  If it's gone to Laurel, you should talk to Bordure
about what to do.)

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