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Brent Ryder bryder at
Fri Apr 6 08:43:53 PDT 2001

>Table 4, "Conventional S.C.A. Default Postures", says that segreant is
>the default for griffins, so the posture could even be omitted.  From looking >thru the O&A, it looks like the posture isn't omitted that often, even after >Da'ud ruled explicitly that it could be.

Oops, quite right. I didn't even check  :-(

>"Segreant" seems to be the SCA standard, then, but I wouldn't call
>"rampant" incorrect.  It's like how "griffin" seems to be preferred to
>"gryphon", and "contourny" to "to sinister", yet both are correct.

You are right in that the use of 'Rampant' would not be totally incorrect, but if you use it, you must then specifically blazon the wing position(s).

>Since I dislike special terms that don't provide extra information
>(the special gout names and even the special roundel names), I prefer
>"rampant", but obviously I'm just weird.

If we are back at assuming the default positions for all the body parts, then we should have left out both 'segreant' and 'rampant' respectively from our descriptions.  ;-)


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