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Fri Apr 6 09:41:48 PDT 2001

Don't you just love picayune discussions ;-)

>I didn't say it was incorrect at all.

True, but technically just saying rampant is insufficient for a full description of a four legged creature with wings.

>In the blazons Laurel registered from 1990 on, I don't
>see where they ever blazoned the wing positions.

I never said the mis-blazoning wasn't rampant.....  :-)

>A point, yes ... but "wings elevated and addorsed" is rarely given
>on bird postures where it's the default (rising, striking, rousant,
>maybe others that I'm not remembering).

On birds where the default is 'wings elevated and addorsed' it shouldn't be given, just as the default for any heraldic element should not be specifically blazoned for brevity. Since we are talking the difference between 'segreant' and 'rampant', regardless of the default usage, the wings should be blazoned when you use Rampant on a creature with wings

Segreant = Rampant, wings elevated and addorsed

The wing position could just as easily be 'close', 'Inverted and addorsed', etc. and if you are using 'rampant' when the default is 'segreant', it could be expected that a wing position be supplied since the word 'rampant' says nothing about them.

Borek "Picking up daniels Nits" Volkov

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