ANSTHRLD - Per saltire mullets and griffons oh my

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Mon Apr 9 15:04:36 PDT 2001

Magnus wrote:
> The blazon is tripping over itself because:
> Mullets with non default number of points.

To be more precise: the *English* default is that mullets are of five
points.  "As you know, Bob", we do mostly modern English blazon, so
that's why we blazon the points explicitly.  I'm glad to see people
use the Continental default, and six-pointed mullets were not uncommon
(even unblazoned and in England).

(Magnus, you realize that if someone were to write "The Sun rises in
the East every morning", I would feel compelled to note that, which
you can choose a physics frame of reference arbitarily, it is far more
convenient for most local Solar System purposes to view the Earth as
rotating, and thus in the Solar System frame of reference, the Sun is
essentially unmoving -- that it is far more convenient for purposes of
physics to say "the horizon drops below the Sun each morning".  Gene
Wolfe actually had characters using that phrase in his _Book of the
New Sun_.)

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