ANSTHRLD - Agnarr's devices

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Mon Apr 9 16:04:11 PDT 2001

here are 2.

[Vert, a helm pierced by an arrow bendwise sinister argent, a chief checky 
argent and sable] Versus Aquel of Darkstead Wood, Vert, a skold affronty 
argent horned Or, belled argent, there is a CD for the addition of the 
chief, and another for the difference between the primary charges.  It is 
the equivalent of an animal's head horned and an animal's head without the 
horns.  On a primary charge, this is generally worth a CD. (Da'ud ibn Auda, 
LoAR June 1995, p. 14)

[A wolf's head erased sable attired of a ram's horns Or] Versus Leidhrun 
Leidolfsdottir, Per fess paly azure and argent, and argent, in base a wolf's 
head couped sable, there is a CD for fieldlessness and another for the 
addition of the very prominent ram's horns, which are here clearly the 
equivalent of gorging of a coronet which has previously been granted 
difference in the case of a head.  "When considering a full beast or monster 
gorged, the gorging is usually treated as an artistic detail, worth no 
difference.  When consider the same creature's head gorged, however, the 
gorging is much more prominent in proportion  and treated as a tertiary 
charge."  (Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, LoAR September 1993, p. 5) (Da'ud 
ibn Auda, LoAR May 1996, p. 17)

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