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Mon Apr 9 19:28:58 PDT 2001

> azure, a dragonfly argent and on a bordure argent a
> semy of apples gules (or something like that).

Very close.  "Azure, a dragonfly argent and a bordure argent
semy of apples gules".  The dragonfly is "tergiant":
seen looking down at its backs, its wings spread to the sides,
head to chief, tail to base.  Normally, you wouldn't bother
to repeat the tincture "argent", but many (most?) people hold
that "semy" applies to the previous charge unless it has an
explicit tincture, so it should be repeated.

> Can you do the semy of apples on a bordure

Well, are apples legal charges?  RfS VII is "Compatible Armorial
Content", saying what types of charges can be used.
1.  Period charges
2.  Period armorial elements
3.  Period artifacts
4.  Period flora and fauna
5.  Compatible monsters
6.  Compatible armorial elements
(and some restrictions, like identifiability).  I'd bet that there are
period arms with apples, which would make it OK under VII.1.  Apples
were certainly known to Western Europeans in period, so even without
that evidence, it'd be registerable under VII.4.

If they're lawful charges, you can put them on a bordure.  I don't
think recognizability is a problem.

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