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Mon Apr 9 22:43:47 PDT 2001

Eirik wrote:
> Does the slot machine rule apply to groups of charges?? Just curious.

It applies only within a single group of charges, and only to the
types of each individual charge (excluding maintained charges, I

I was being loose in my terminology when I referred to "groups of
groups".  My apologies.  SCA heraldry doesn't consider a hierarchy of
groups (except as a practical matter in blazoning them so as to
arrange them right).  In the eyes of the RfS, there are charges, and
one or more charges make up a group.

Even disconnected things that might look like a charge group within a
group sometimes are considered *a charge*.  For example, consider
    Gules, two crosses of Jerusalem and a lion argent.
A "cross of Jerusalem", although it looks visually like five crosses
flying in formation, is treated in precedents as one charge.  (For
example, you can have it as a fieldless badge, even with the precedent
forbidding disconnected fieldless badges.)  There are two types of
charge here: "cross of Jerusalem" and "lion".  Other charges similarly
treated: the ermine spot and the pawprint.

In the instant case,
>     Per saltire sable and argent, in chief three mullets of six points
>     and in base three more one and two, and in fess two griffins
>     segreant addorsed, all counterchanged.
neither orientation, tincture, arrangement, or anything else but
individual charge type matter for "slot machines".  There is a single
group of primary charges, and the types of charge in that primary
charge group are "mullet of six points" and "griffin".

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