Brent Ryder bryder at compucom.com
Wed Apr 11 06:23:22 PDT 2001

>I got a question a moment ago.  Are we actually going to comment and >decide on the March ILoI even thought it appears that it will not be in a >Gazette before the date set to comment on this ILoI?     

It would keep things on schedule for next months (hopefully) AG.

>On the pro side, most of the people that do commentary will see the file on
>the web as well as a few that normally do not get the Gazette.  

Most of the commentary groups are on the web. I will need to forward this to Da'ud though. Please forward the ILoI to anyone who asks for it or you know is not on this list who wants it.

>On the con side, not everyone is connected or reads this list so the
>information dissimination is limited and somewhat elitist.   

True, but better some than none. Hopefully the AG will be back on schedule for next month.

>If we are going to comment on the ILoI this month, is the deadline for
>comments still the 20th?

I would say yes

Borek, Star

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