ANSTHRLD - January 2001 LoAR

doug bell magnus77840 at
Wed Apr 11 20:31:00 PDT 2001

This just came through so it is a quick and
dirty draft.  Someone else may want to pretty
it up a little.

January 2001 LoAR

Alexandria Doyle. Name and device. Argent, a seahorse sable within a double 
tressure gules.

Annes Clotilde von Bamburg. Badge. (Fieldless) A frog sejant Or.

Edericke Lorry. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Elsebetha Hoffman. Name.

Faelan MacPhie. Name.
The documentation for the name was not adequately summarized on the LoI. It 
is not sufficient to say that a name element is mentioned in Black’s The 
Surnames of Scotland - not all names in the book are period, so we need to 
know what he says about these ones. However, commenters provided independent 
confirmation, so we can register the name.

Glaslyn, Canton of. Device change. Per pale Or and gules, a phoenix and in 
chief three laurel wreaths counterchanged.
Their previous device, Sable, a fess wavy argent between three oak leaves 
inverted palewise in fess and a laurel wreath Or, is released.

Jean Paul de Calmont. Name.

Laurent Ragan de Ruthven. Name.

Niccola Setaro. Name.

Thorvaldr of Gate’s Edge. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). 
Gyronny gules and Or, eight Latin crosses in annulo counterchanged.
Submitted under the name Thorvaldr Nordbrikt.

Wulfgar von Regensburg. Name and device. Gules, on a cross Or a cross sable, 
in dexter chief a cross formy Or.
Please instruct the submitter to draw the sable cross a little bit wider.

Edericke Lorry. Device. Sable, eight swords in annulo points to center 
Conflict with Sosha Lyons O’Rourke, Sable, eight swords four in cross and 
four in saltire points to center argent overall two lion’s heads erased 
addorsed Or.  There is only one CD for the removal of the overall charge 
group. The device is also in conflict with the badge for Balthazar 
Thornguard, Sable, a sword inverted argent, the blade enflamed proper.  As 
the tongues of flame are not large enough to count for difference, there is 
only one CD for the change of number of primary charges.

Thorvaldr Nordbrikt. Name.
The documentation for the byname was not adequately summarized: it is not 
sufficient to list the page number and bibliographical information of a 
source, we need to know what is said. In this case, none of the commenters 
were able to provide additional support. Moreover, the passage in the cited 
source, Blondal’s The Varangians of Byzantium suggests that Nordbrikt is in 
fact an unique epithet.
The device was registered under the name Thorvaldr of Gate’s Edge.

William Killian. Device. Azure, in canton a mullet of four points, a bordure 
Conflict with Ariel of Alon, Azure, two compass stars argent and a sword 
argent, hilted gules, winged Or, a bordure argent. As neither a compass star 
nor a mullet of four points are period charges, and they differ only by the 
addition of the lesser points, there is not a CD between a mullet of four 
points and a compass star. There is also not a CD for arrangement on the 
field, because William’s mullet occupies the same space as one of Ariel’s 
compass stars. Therefore there is only a single CD for changing the number 
of primary charges.

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