ANSTHRLD - Fwd: Heraldry Help

doug bell magnus77840 at
Wed Apr 18 00:07:57 PDT 2001

I got a look before it died.

The name is probably registerable as late period English.
Ryan - Irish saint and likely late period given name.
Mannleigh - English locative byname, in Cheshire I believe.  Will have to 
get Ekwall out again.  It's in Reaney & Wilson under Manleigh.

The device is not so fortunate.  It appears as
modern heraldry (20th century, not Victorian.)
The closest blazon I could come up with is:

Bleu celeste, a bend sinister azure (enhanced way up into the dexter chief 
corner) four annulets interlaced 1, 2, and 1, argent.
Returnable for:
color on color
non period tincture of blue
unblazonable position of bend sinister
possible unblazonable orientation of 4 interlaced annulets

That is the best I can do for now.


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