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Patrick J. Cuccurello pat at
Wed Apr 18 08:12:46 PDT 2001

I just checked the web site at it appears to be working.  We have not
encountered any server problems recently, so if you still cannot see the
site--let me know.  My e-mail address is pat at  Reece's e-mail
address is:

reece at
(He's one of the VP's for the company I work for :) )

I just checked with him, and he'll be happy to discuss things via e-mail.
FYI, he has some heraldic interest, so he might be someone willing to get
more involved if you can offer him a starting point.  Be careful though, he
also tends to have a "heralds wit" <<grin>>

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> Borek, how are we to provide feedback to Father Ryan?
> Will you gather responses and forward them, or can you get his
> permission to post his e-mail address?
> I can't get thru to .
> "There was no response.  The server could be down or is not
> responding."
> If someone could get thru, please post the name info here
> so people can comment on it.
> DdL
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