ANSTHRLD - Too much documentation?!

Richard Culver rbculver at
Wed Apr 18 06:28:47 PDT 2001

Wesaþ ge hal!

   I have a question-- when is it too much documentation to register a name. 
  My case is probably unusual as I am trying to compile the sources for an 
essentially "Runic" name.  My persona is 5th century and, while an Angle 
(with a mixed Scandinavian heritage), is still living on the continent in 
the Angeln district.  I was trying for CuniricaR CuniwardingaR Wulfiricinga 
which would be the Old English equivilant of Cyniric Cyniwarding Wulfricinga 
(the last being a family/clan name).
   I have found bits and pieces here and there.  The Gallahus horn, a golden 
horn dated to 450 ce (persona was born in 435), is from the area and reads 
as Ek HlewegastiR HoltingaR horno tawido : I, Hlewgast, son of Holt, made 
this horn."  The Leeds stone in England has half of a name containing the 
"cuni" element using the specific "u" rune.  The rune denoting "y" in the 
Cynwulf texts was much later.  I have a few other inscription which may help 
my case.
   I know it seems annoying but I really want to keep true to my persona (I 
do aspire to be a Lion someday) and can do the research.  I just want to 
know what is the best way to present it.  If Laurel, or Kingdom for that 
matter, is going to reject it for too much documentation, then I will go 
with the 7th century Northumbrian.


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