ANSTHRLD - Devices--help with Conflict Checks

Richard Culver rbculver at
Wed Apr 18 06:41:19 PDT 2001

Wesaþ ge hal!

    Okay names aside, I have a couple of devices to check on:

   Or, a compass rose azure, on a chief sable a mullet of four greater and 
lesser points.

   This next one is sort of long. I will try what I think the blazon is (hey 
I need practice) then give the layman's description.

    Gules, on a pall inverted argent, surmounting a shakefork sable 
fimbriated argent, a norse sun cross gules in between three spearheads sable 
shafts to center, a bordure argent.

    Okay... a red background.  a white pall inverted which is on top of a 
black shakefork outlined white.  On the pall is the Norse sun cross which 
red in between the three black spearheads.  All of this is  in a bordure 
white.  The pall and shakefork should forn something akin to below.
           \ | /
           / | \
          /     \


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