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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Apr 18 09:54:05 PDT 2001

I agree that the design at
is not blazonable (the particular interlacing of the annulets,
the clustering of the ermine spots, the way enhancing of the bend
sinister), and is returnable for non-period style.

I would suggest that the client be shown rolls of period arms to
give him ideas of period design elements.  Since I don't have JavaScript
and the Web page designer was a poopyhead, I can't check
but it should be good for early-period style, which is usable
in about any Western culture.
is a big site with lots of links.  I don't know what to point out,
except it doesn't have its own rolls of arms.
is a 16th C. Swiss roll, so there's a fair amount of Germanic stuff.
That is, Germanic motifs.
is useful as a list of SCA cliches.

is where Aryanhwy collected a bunch of links to rolls of arms
on the Web.  Bless her!
Unfortunately, there's at least one broken link, and one is
just an ordinary (blazons, not pictures).

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