ANSTHRLD - New Laurel... needed

Cahira cahira_of_bonwicke at
Tue Apr 24 22:44:53 PDT 2001

--- "Darin K. Herndon" <darin-herndon at>
> But on a more serious note, just for discussion as
> it were:
> if a viable Ansteorran were to apply for Laurel (or
> Pelican as part 
> of a team) who in kingdom would be willing to offer
> support and what 
> type of support would you be willing to offer? 
> Perhaps a listing of 
> potential minions (err, I mean helpers or staff)
> would encourage 
> someone who is considering applying.

Well, I'm all about jumping in the deep end and trying
to resurface, and seeing as how I'm soon to be
unemployed (at least as Bonwicke's herald), if someone
from our kingdom did want to do it (though from the
response, it doesn't sound likely :-) ), I'd be glad
to be a helper (minion). I'm good with filing and
paperwork. (as long as I'm not in college :-) )

Soon to be ex-herald for Bonwicke, officially an
ex-graduate student, and soon to be in Houston. :-)

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