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>Subject: heraldry
>Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:00:08 -0500
>Greetings Borek,
>My son is wanting to search his name and device. On his device all he 
> >wants is blue background (sea blue, not dark but not powder blue),

It would have to be a standard blue. Light blue (Blue Celeste) is not a 
registerable tincture in the SCA

>With a light to medium brown merchant/viking ship with white sail in >the 

Brown is also not a tincture that is allowed except in the case of 'proper' 
which is discouraged, but not disallowed. I would suggest gold/yellow (Or) 
as a close approximation

I have not conflict checked this. The blazon would be "Azure, a viking long 
boat Or, sailed argent"

>The name he wants is Padraig Burke.  Irish and english persona born 
> >1500's.

I am not very good at names, so have sent this to the Ansteorran heralds 
list for further help.

>You can send info to me or my son.  My son's mundane name is Butch >Gibson, 
>email is snarfster at

>Thank you,
>Viscountess Katherine
>Barb Howard
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