ANSTHRLD - Teceangl for Laurel?!

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at
Thu Apr 26 20:03:33 PDT 2001

Excerpts from Teceangl with annotated commentary:
>Blame this on Sinister,...

Is your other cat Dexter?

>Nobody can spell Teceangl, sometimes not even me.

You know, I actually went back to one of your emails so I could 
cross-check my spelling.  Missed that darn "e" on the end though. 
Wasn't for lack of conscious effort.

>Oh, and for the record, the only reason I'm not Black Lion (An Tir submisisons
>herald) is because I have no room in my home for the files.  No room for
>An Tir files means absolutely no room for Laurel stuff.

Well now, I do believe that one of the things I was able to offer 
when I first extracted this thread of discussion was a possible 
storage location for one set of the files.  If someone else could 
handle the other set (or are they stored in Milpitas now?), and you 
could design a way to handle the office without having the files 
"on-site" as it were, a whole generation of future Laurels would 
likely canonize you.

On that topic, anyone out there want to hypothesize on an 
administrative process that would not require Laurel to have one of 
the sets of files in close reach?  Could it be done?  Aside from 
removing an obstacle for Teceangl becoming Laurel or Borek if he 
decides to apply, consider it a chance to rethink CoA processes.

(on sabatical, holds no office, wondering when the CoH pension starts paying)
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