ANSTHRLD - Teceangl for Laurel?!

Charlene Charette charlene at
Thu Apr 26 21:52:13 PDT 2001

"Darin K. Herndon" wrote:

> On that topic, anyone out there want to hypothesize on an
> administrative process that would not require Laurel to have one of
> the sets of files in close reach?  Could it be done?  Aside from
> removing an obstacle for Teceangl becoming Laurel or Borek if he
> decides to apply, consider it a chance to rethink CoA processes.

I may have a distorted remembrance, but I seem to recall people wanting
to look things up alot when Da'ud had the files.  I don't know how often
Laurel is called upon to make a visual call when two items are in close
conflict.  However, that doesn't necessarily mean the files have to be
in the same household.  I suppose it would work if the files were stored
someplace and the keeper-of-the-files were able to send photocopies of
faxes in a timely manner.  Certainly if they were within a reasonable
drive it would work.


Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
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