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Suzanne Powell wrote:
> Any suggestions for this gentle?
> -- Suzanne
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> > I was at an event and spotted my registered device on someone elses
> > belongings and banners. No doubt it was my device exactly. I did not approach
> > the person or say anything to anyone about it. I did conceal my own display
> > of the device so as to avoid any immediate confrontation. How should this
> > type of thing be handled, any suggestions ?
> >
> > S of M
> > 
> Suzanne C. Powell                           
I may be an extremist on such things...
Okay, let me start over.
I am an extremist on such things. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong
with extremism per se, it's just polite to let "S of M" know that my
response is perhaps out of the mainstream. With that warning, here is my

Make absolutely certain that what "S" thinks is registered is actually
registered. No offense intended, but many a slip twixt submitter and
Laurel and back again. After confirming three times, begin to use the
registered thingy as hugely and ostentatiously as circumstances and
pocketbook will allow. At events, delay setting up your "camp" until the
offender has done so, and then set up in plain view of the offender. If
someone other than the offender raises the issue, produce the page from
the Armorial while saying, "Perhaps he/she was unaware..." When the
offender raises the issue, assuming he or she will, brandish the page
from the Armorial while saying "Perhaps you were unaware..." If that
fail, I believe the Ansteorran College has a militant arm?

On the other hand, some more reasonable people might suggest trying to
get the person's telephone number and give him/her a call.

Malcolm, feeling extremely unreasonable right now
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