ANSTHRLD - Conflict check

Debbie Dewart darcy at
Tue Feb 6 20:44:13 PST 2001

Hello from Middleford,

We have lots of former heralds here (knee deep in us, we are) but, no one is
currently holding the office.  We need to have a device checked for one of
our newer members.  He hasn't yet decided on a persona name (last heard he
was debating German or Spanish).  However, he did have some ideas for a
device.  After eliminating color on color, quartering and a few other
no-no's, we came up with the following.  If it looks like it will fly, we'll
get him working on a name before he TDY's to Bosnia.

Per pale gules and azure, a leopard and unicorn combatant within a border



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