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Per pale gules and azure, a leopard and unicorn combatant within a border 

The closest I could find was:
Guillaine de Vaux registered in June of 1984 (via the Middle):
"Per pale gules and azure, a bull and a unicorn combattant Or and a chevron 
abased ermine."
This should be clear by the change of type to primary leopard vs bull and 
the addition of the bordure.

There was some concern whether the bordure would clear the appearance of 
marshalling since it was a common way to cadence marshalled arms.
It appears the bordure is considered overall to clear this in the SCA except 
when a counterchanged bordure is used.
The most recent ruling I could find was: "This is being returned for 
violating RfS XI.3.a. (appearance of marshalling) which states: 	"Such 
fields may be used with identical charges over the entire field, or with 
complex lines of partition or charges overall that were not used for 
marshalling in period heraldry."  It has been held previously that a 
counterchanged bordure is not such a "charge overall". (Jaelle of Armida, 
LoAR February 1999, p. 10)"

If you need documentation for Spanish or German names I have it.

Magnus von Lubeck

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