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Griffin ap Rhys lord_housemythos at
Wed Feb 7 13:16:01 PST 2001

Greetings All!

     Trying to make some plans re: CoH Decision Meetings, and here is what I 
have come up with.  The DMs will most likely be permanently moved to the 
first weekend of the month as opposed to the second because the LoI must be 
produced earlier than normal each month.  There will be no DM in March 
because of a lack of an ILoI for January.

April 7th-Rogues and Rapiers IV in Rosenfeld (Tyler) ILoI Feb. 2001
May 5th-Stargate Spring Event in Stargate (Houston) ILoI Mar. 2001
June 2nd-Castellan in Northkeep (Tulsa) ILoI Apr. 2001

     On a personal note, it was tempting to schedule the Decision Meeting 
for June at Gate's Edge, because it is so close, and that I will probably 
have to fly to Tulsa (and I hate flying), but I resisted it.  I would like 
to encourage more heraldry in the northern reaches of our Kingdom, and 
Northkeep has worked especially hard to build a heraldic community in the 
past year or so.
     Another question, does anyone know the people involved with these 
events so that I may ensure with the Autocrat that it would be permissible 
to hold a Decision Meeting there?  I know the autocrat for Stargate's event 
(my home group, after all) and will be speaking to her on it soon.
     If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me hear from you.

In service,
Lord Griffin ap Rhys
Bordure Herald (and Asterisk Pro-Tem)
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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