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Sunnifa / GeekGrrl <geekgrrl at> wrote:
> The particular query that prompted me to ask was a household wishing
> to name themselves "House of the White Shark"

So much for the "shark per pale azure and vert" suggestion of a few
seconds ago.  Never mind.

> which follows the "House of the Red Sickles" example.

Careful of extrapolation.  For example, I would not say that "House of
the Horse", "House of the Dog", and "House of the Cat" would even
clearly support "House of the Wolf", because the first three are
domestic animals and the last is wild.  (I saw a similar case come
thru at one point.)

> It could also have been the name of an inn

Cite?  Which is to say, do you have any lists of inn names to be able
to say?  As with any other human naming, they didn't just string
together arbitrary lists of words.

> There is one registered name: John Shark the Wanderer (june
> 1976). Is there enough difference here?

Note that RfS V.1 covers personal names, and V.2 covers non-personal

1. Personal Names - Personal names must be significantly different
   from other protected personal names.

2. Non-Personal Names - Branch names, order and award names, heraldic
   titles, and household names must be significantly different from
   other protected non-personal names.

Note that it is impossible for a non-personal name (House of Anything)
to conflict with a person's name (John Anything).  (Exception: RfS
VI.4, "Other Presumptuous Names - Some names not otherwise forbidden
by these rules are nevertheless too evocative of widely known and
revered protected items to be registered.")  This was used to good
effect in an April Fool's Letter of Intent, where someone documented
"Brigantia Herald" as a person's name, and then noted that it was
clear of the title of the Principal Herald of the Kingdom of the East
because personal names do not conflict with non-personal names, and
because the registered form for the East is "Brigantia Principal
Herald".  (In reality, VI.4, "Other Presumptuous Names", would shoot
it down.)

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