ANSTHRLD - Conflict Check - shark naiant

GeekGrrl geekgrrl at
Wed Feb 7 15:18:40 PST 2001

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Teceangl wrote:

> Hrm.  I'm seeing in my tworped and wisted little herald's head,
> (Fieldless) A shark naiant argent semy of roundels azure and vert.

I'll propose this idea to them... that might look kinda neat, actually.

> Colm can help with the inn sign to household name bit.  He's done a nice
> study of the subject (which I've misplaced...  ARGH!).
> I actually think "White Shark" might work as an inn sign, but we'd have to
> make sure that "shark" is a period word and that it was applied to the
> critter we know as a shark.
> Okay, you'll really want an OED lookup for this, but the online Merriam
> Webster at dates the word "shark", meaning
> the marine fish we know, to the 15th century.
> I think it's acceptible.  Have you checked it for conflict yet?
> - Teceangl

For purposes of conflict checking, I found lots of "* White *" group names, 
and no "* Shark *" group names, and no prior existance of "White Shark" as 
part of any other name. There were also no "White (insert type of fish)" names
either or anything I considered similar in sound to "Shark". I'm tentively 
saying 'free of conflict', but leave it to more expert judgement then my own.


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