ANSTHRLD - Conflict Check - shark naiant

GeekGrrl geekgrrl at
Wed Feb 7 17:50:06 PST 2001

Just what I did. :) I got a little excited with the '*'. 

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:

> Sunnifa wrote:
> > For purposes of conflict checking
> there is no substitute for going to the Rules for Submission and
> reading RfS V.2, the conflict rules for non-personal names.  It shows
> what can and what cannot conflict.  Among other rules, it shows that
> "* White *" cannot conflict, unless the second star matches "Shark" in
> sound or appearance.  (It's still *wise* to check "* White *", just in
> case there's a creative mysspellynge of "Shark" that "* Shark *"
> wouldn't pick up.)  It also mentions that the designator, like
> "House", "Award", "Canton", ... doesn't count for difference, and
> neither do prepositions like "of".
> Daniel "if you preposition me, I'll show you my genitives" de Lincolia

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