ANSTHRLD - Household Names

doug bell magnus77840 at
Thu Feb 8 02:40:06 PST 2001

It must be said that household names are an SCA
invented anachronism not found in history.

First, include examples from the Oxford English
Dictionary to show that the word elements are period.
If using a designator other than House include that

Second, state what historical group your name
fits in.  If using a literal object like
White Shark the Inn Sign is probably the easiest.
Consult Mari's article for examples of white used in a name and for 
color-animal names.
You can also check many of the standard
name books on English names under White and
Shark to see if any historical examples are helpful.

Present this evidence with the submission.

And keep in mind with households the SCA College
can return a name for arcane and perverse
reasons.  It is a good idea to send as much evidence
as you can find.

Best of luck with it
Magnus von Lubeck

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