ANSTHRLD - Conflict Check - shark naiant

GeekGrrl geekgrrl at
Thu Feb 8 12:06:19 PST 2001

Kom heil...

	I came up with another idea for this badge today, and I've tried
to hit as many precedents and rules that might affect it, as well as
conflict check (you all have been very helpful in helping me learn how to
do that better!).

[Fieldless] A shark naiant argent within and conjoined to an annulet per
fess azure and vert.


[Fieldless] An annulet per fess azure and vert, overall a shark naiant

There are also the per fess, per pale, and per saltire variations to the
ring, and these seem clear as well, if the group decides they don't like
per fess. The above seems to solve their problems with getting a white
shark and the other colors they want. I'd like your opinions on this

Thank you,

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