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> Alaric von Thorn was awarded a Sable Falcon on 1-29-2000 by (then) HRM
> Alaric Drake at the Mongol 2K event in Vatavia, Calontir. It was a spur of
> the moment award, so no scroll was given.
> What needs to be done to get a scroll?
> What needs to be done to get this in the OP (or does it need to wait until
> we've got a scroll)?
> Thanks for your replies,
> Estrill, Retiarius
> mooneschadowe

I have always thought this was a problem. There are Crowns that will give 
awards with out a scroll and if it is out of kingdom and you don't have the 
scroll you cannot prove it. Sooooooooooo   There needs to be a solution in 
those cases. This has not happened to me. I just can see it coming and don't 
want to be at ground zero when it hits. 
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