ANSTHRLD - Dilemma on OP/lack of scroll

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Thu Feb 8 14:23:22 PST 2001

The Answer is this is part of the job of Zodiacus Herald, and/or thier
deputies. Finding in  kingdom awards that were given without a scroll
usually insn't that diffficult. We typicaly will write a message to the
Noble who presided over a particular court and in most cases have been
able to stop there with the award verified by the person who handed it
out. Traking down awards in other kingdoms, starts with contacting the
Herald who maintains their OP or their Principal herald, who can usually
verify by thier files all of a persons awards in that kingdom so that we
can enter them here.

Unfortunately Mistakes happen, Please E-MAil Zodiacus or Drop her a line
if you can verify incorrect entries or missing entries in the OP and she
will fix them ASAP.

HL Darius of the Bells
PE and reasearch deputy to Zodiacus Herald

DonnelShaw at wrote:

> In a message dated 2/8/01 2:17:20 PM Central Standard Time,
> dssweet at writes:
>> Alaric von Thorn was awarded a Sable Falcon on 1-29-2000 by (then)
>> HRM
>> Alaric Drake at the Mongol 2K event in Vatavia, Calontir. It was a
>> spur of
>> the moment award, so no scroll was given.
>> What needs to be done to get a scroll?
>> What needs to be done to get this in the OP (or does it need to wait
>> until
>> we've got a scroll)?
>> Thanks for your replies,
>> Estrill, Retiarius
>> mooneschadowe
> I have always thought this was a problem. There are Crowns that will
> give
> awards with out a scroll and if it is out of kingdom and you don't
> have the
> scroll you cannot prove it. Sooooooooooo   There needs to be a
> solution in
> those cases. This has not happened to me. I just can see it coming and
> don't
> want to be at ground zero when it hits.
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