ANSTHRLD - Decision Meetings

Griffin ap Rhys lord_housemythos at
Thu Feb 8 16:18:44 PST 2001

>April 7th-Rogues and Rapiers IV in Rosenfeld (Tyler) ILoI Feb. 2001 May 
>5th-Stargate Spring Event in Stargate (Houston) ILoI Mar. 2001 June 
>2nd-Castellan in Northkeep (Tulsa) ILoI Apr. 2001

     Okay, obviously some changes have to be made, since Stargate cancelled. 
  As well, I have been informed by some people that June 2nd might be a bit 
early in the month to hold a DM, considering that we might not have all the 
Commentary collated yet, which is an excellent point.  I think that if the 
first Saturday of the month is on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, we should probably 
hold it on the second weekend of that month, which should still be plenty of 
time to get the LoI done.  Okay then, that being said, here is a possibly 
revised schedule.

April 7th-Rogues and Rapiers IV in Rosenfeld (Tyler) ILoI Feb. 2001
May 5th-Beltain in Namron (Norman) ILoI Mar. 2001
June 9th-Kingdom Warlord (TBA) ILoI Apr. 2001

     Heard back from Northkeep, does anyone know someone affiliated with 
either the Rosenfeld or Namron events that could write me?  Thanks.

In service,
Lord Griffin ap Rhys
Bordure Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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