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Greetings to the list:

I too have been following this list and this thread.  Here's my two cents,
for what they're worth:

I am a court herald of some meager skill, and have made myself a student of
How Courts Are Conducted.  By this I don't just mean the manner in which an
artist performs before a crowd, I mean the method in which a coordinator
conducts the business within and *about* a court.  For some years, I have
attempted to gather all the information about a particular court's awards
and record them on a court report BEFORE the beginning of said court.  That
way, when a court is underway, and a change occurs (a scroll is read into
law, an award is presented without a scroll, etc.) it can easily be adjusted
on a mostly complete Court Report Form.  Once court is done, the very first
thing I do is make whatever additions, deletions or adjustments are
necessary to the form and turn straight to the presiding royalty or nobility
for their signature.  When I get home, I e-mail Zodiacus a copy and mail her
the original (when I don't just hand her one at the event).  What's mailed
is very clear in those cases where an award is presented and no scroll is
given, or a scroll is read into law and shouldn't be published just yet.
When I am recording this information as one of the court heralds, I note
that on my form, so that Zodiacus and Star Signet know that I recorded this
information as one of those who saw the awards themselves.  And I always try
to be certain that a copy of this information makes its way to the local
herald of the branch where a court was presented.

It's long been my thought that if our court heralds were educated to make
Paperwork as important to court heraldry as Preparation, Projection and
Pronunciation were, instances such as forgotten awards, missed scrolls and
premature publication of presented awards would be minimized in the future.

In service to College and Crown,
Lord Stephen Macthomas, Tressure Herald
tressure at or macthomas at

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> Greetings to the list! I have been following the 'lack of scroll'
> string.
> I am a past Star Signet, past Sable Scroll, past Regional Scribe, and
> active Stunt Scribe, plus several past heraldic positions previous to
> focussing mainly on work dealing  with the College of Scribes, sigh...
> This situation has occurred at least once in every reign I can
> remember,( memory starts with Jonathon and Willow first Ansteorran
> Reign.).
> Past procedure was an inquiry, starting with the issuing Royalty, the
> Royal Scribes later replaced by Sable Scroll in later reigns, the
> regional scribe where the event took place. These folk might remember
> the award-- sometimes the Royal forgets to tell their scribe(s) to issue
> a scroll after the fact, sometimes the scroll doesn't get to the person
> after the scroll is later done, and sometimes the scribe gets busy and
> puts it off or spaces it until reminded later, sometimes much later.
> I know I'm the answer to at least one of the missing scrolls--I'm to
> paint a fancier personalized version of the Centurion Scroll for Hersir
> Thorgrim, had no idea it didn't make to an award report, so I have the
> scroll in my to do pile and will fluff it to the top...sigh
> Supporting information can sometimes be gleaned for the herald attending
> the Royal at court, or other worthies known to be participants at the
> court, or present on the field at the time...
> The best solution has generally been to ask the issuing Royal and
> jogging his memory, and seeing if the scroll was assigned, and seeing if
> it was done, is being done, but get a signature and date on a scroll so
> that we can try to make things right.
> The end point has always been getting Zodicus what they need to have to
> warrant an entry in the OP.
> Wish I had a modern day nickel for every time I've participated in some
> way or another in this process. I'm sure others mileage can and will
> vary. Maybe we need a form? :-)
> Hope no one minds my adding to this discussion...
> 'Stacia Travarra
> At Large
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