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> Actually Robert, We are still working on that, what we need at this point is 
> the exact dates. that is the biggest problems with Awards given on the 
> field impromtu at wars traking down the date to make the entry Darius 

       I don't know the exact date but it was done on Saturday right before 
the resurection battle.  I was there and Sir Burke was there.  I'll see if I 
can find an old Black Star to find the date.   
       I just spent a lot of time updating the local OP and find a lot of 
cases where people say they have awards that do not appear in the Kingdom OP. 
 Some of them have scrolls some don't.  Do I need to send copies of the 
scrolls or just the information from them?   I also am working from the Local 
OP we did for our Baronial Elevation 4 1/2 years ago and it lists several 
awards that do not appear in the kingdom OP.  Quite a few from TSAQ dated 
03/09/96.  I've already checked and the presiding nobles and local herald 
don't have records from this event.  
       The other issue we have is that a lot of our people have awards under 
two or more names and under multiple spellings.  Also lots of people who say 
that their listing in the OP is not how they spell their name.  Is there a 
proceedure to consolidate the awards listings under the current name?  Do we 
only do that if they register the name?  We have one person with three AoAs 
under three different names.     

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep
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