ANSTHRLD - More sophomore heraldry

doug bell magnus77840 at
Mon Feb 19 22:03:27 PST 2001

A side note on SCA heraldry - most piles are inverted
when used with a chief.

As to furry matters:

In SCA heraldry the ermine furs are treated like the field
tincture the spots are on for contrast purposes. The evenly divided furs are 
treated as neutral.

A visual test at 10 feet with a color copy of the device
will usually give away the contrast problem to even
non heralds.  If a charge vanishes into the background and become 
unidentifiable then you have problems.

New heralds may notice that traffic signs follow
the rule of tincture.  Picture the grief a black
highway sign with purple words would cause.  You
will see the same effect on many web pages.

For conflict purposes furs are considered a tincture that does not conflict 
with color or metal.

At least this list was spared the checky, vairy, ermined
horror that was discussed on SCA heralds.

Magnus von Lubeck

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