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Mon Feb 19 21:07:45 PST 2001

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Rendell Skaggs <rendells at> wrote:
> I submitted to the list this blazon a few weeks ago:
>     Per fess embattled gules and azure, a pile throughout inverted Or.
> I was told this was unregisterable because it had a charge (the pile)
> over a complex line of division.

More specifically, over a complex line *dividing two tinctures with
low contrast* (two colors, in this case).  It probably wouldn't be a
problem for, say,
    Per fess embattled argent and azure, a pile throughout inverted gules.

> would that still apply in this case?:
>     Azure, a chief embattled gules a pile throughout inverted Or.
> this puts the line at the narrow end of the pile which would let more of
> it show, can that be taken into account??

You blazon the primary charge first.  (The which topic, blazoning, I
will be teaching *this* Sunday at the heraldic gathering in Austin.
If work doesn't interfere, naturalich.)  The centermost charge is
usually primary.  Hence,

    Azure, a pile throughout inverted Or, a chief embattled gules.

A line dividing the field into two pieces -- namely "per fess
embattled" in the original design -- is allowed by the SCA to have low
contrast in many cases (though not in that case, as explained above).
The reason for return *this* time is that "a chief" is not a field
division.  It's a charge.  The SCA requires a charge to have good
contrast with the background it's on.  This is a red chief on a blue
field -> color-on-color -> boingy.

However, you are right that the pile ends at the bottom of the chief,
which allows the complex line of division to show completely.

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