ANSTHRLD - Peacocks: Close vs Pavanated

Brent Ryder bryder at
Thu Feb 22 11:28:52 PST 2001

>Can someone please explain to me the difference between a peacock close >and a peacock pavanated?

'Close' means what it means for all birds, wings down and 'close' along its body.

'Pavonated' is a misused term in SCA heraldry and is in fact the default posture for a peacocks tail. It means that the tail is gathered together and is down along the 'ground' level or below. Generally you find the term used as 'pavonated to base' which makes it redundant as well.

That there are errors and redundancies in the O&A is not news to any book herald who has worked with the O&A for any length of time ;-)

Just don't imagine what the emblazons look like while you are reading them,  it will keep your mind's eye from going blind :^)


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