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Teceangl tierna at
Thu Feb 22 17:21:26 PST 2001

> Isn't the tournament of 7 Worthies in period
> associated with 7 knights that represent the
> Virtues?  There might be something there but
> I am not familiar with it.

There were Nine Worthies: Hector, Alexander the Great, Caesar (doesn't say
which in my source), David, Joshua, Judas Maccabeus, Charlemagne, Arthur,
and Godfrey of Boullion.

Their armories are online at

No attributes, though.
I couldn't find any saint with patience as a related anything, either.
The Pascal lamb has nothing official tying it to patience that I could
locate.  Hrm...
There were two saints named Patiens, but both were of too little importance
to seem to have any icongraphy.

Nope, nothing in the saints.

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