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Fri Feb 23 07:42:51 PST 2001

doug bell wrote:

> Isn't the tournament of 7 Worthies in period
> associated with 7 knights that represent the
> Virtues?  There might be something there but
> I am not familiar with it.

Nine worthies--three Good Jews, three Good Heathen, three Christians (good by
default, I suppose). I know there's nine, and I used to know their names and
armory, too, because I made banners for every bloody one of them to be a set of
rotating prizes for the winners of the Tournament of the Nine Worthies, eons

Lessee what I recall off the top of my head

Good Jews
Judas Maccabeues--argent, a raven in some position or other sable
King David--azure, a harp Or

Good Heathen
Alexander the Great--
Julius Caesar--an eagle displayed Or, I forget the field
Hector of Troy--I think he had a lion maintaining an axe, but I may be mixing
him up with Alexander

Charlemagne--dimidiated, France Ancient and half of Caesar's eagle
King Arthur--Somebody had azure, three crowns Or, but I'm not sure it was him

I can get the correct arms for you too, if you're really feeling anal about it,
but I'll have to go get my photo album out.

Each Worthy did, I think, have a specific virtue associated, but I don't think
they corresponded with the Seven Virtues. I only know this because my husband
was Hector in the procession of Nine Worthies that they did at the Twentieth
Year Celebration.

--Alisandre, feelin' old

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