ANSTHRLD - Will this fly?

Ray Smith rayasmith at
Sat Feb 24 22:16:38 PST 2001

--- Teceangl <tierna at> wrote:
> > On a white background, a green winged hart (deer)
> > carrying a woman chivalric fighter with a lance
> (the
> > woman, not the deer), sideways - the charge facing
> to
> > the left (a profile-type view).
> > First, is this legal?  And second, what would be
> the
> > correct blazon?  (And while I'm at it, does it
> > conflict with anything out there)?
> Are the woman, the hart and the spear all green? 
> By "chivalric
> fighter" may we assume she is armoured?  Does she
> wear a helmet?
Yes, on both counts

> How many of the hart's hooves are on the ground:
> one, two, three
> or all of them?  Are the hart's wings raised up and
> over its back
> and rider, or in another position?
> Please make certain the spear is NOT too large.  The
> woman and the
> hart must have much more visual weight to keep out
> of trouble for
> having slot-machine armory (three or more different
> charges of
> equal visual weight in the same charge group).

She wants the hart to be "salient" or "springing", two
hooves on the ground and the other two in front of it,
with the wings spread in a "striking"-type posture. 
The rider and lance, she wants almost parallel to the
base.  She specifically said "lance," by which I
believe she means a jousting-type lance.
> We need to know if three are any tinctures other
> than vert (green) on
> the charges, and the posture of the hart, and how
> the woman is dressed,
> in order to properly blazon it.  
The only tinctures are the argent field and the vert
charge(s).  If the hart, rider, and lance are all
conjoined in silhouette-ish, does that count as one
charge, or three?
The client, however, is not particular about the exact
position of the rider/mount, as long as it has a
female chivalric fighter w/lance riding a winged stag.

> But I assure you, it CAN be blazoned,
> and will be conflict checked as soon as we get a
> clean blazon.  Winged
> stags are registerable, mounted riders are
> registerable, both have been
> registered in the past twelve months.
> - Teceangl

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