ANSTHRLD - Will this fly?

Ray Smith rayasmith at
Mon Feb 26 16:37:53 PST 2001

--- Teceangl <tierna at> wrote:
> Here's a blazon, which ought to be accurate:
> Argent, a woman armed cap-a-pie and maintaining a
> lance fesswise mounted upon
> a winged hart salient vert.
> The wings, as you describe them, are in default
> position.  "cap-a-pie"
> means head-to-foot and refers to full armor
> including helmet.  Style of
> armor is up to the artist.  Unless the lance is as
> long as the hart, or
> as tall as the rider, you're fine with it being
> maintained.  Just make sure
> it doesn't dominate the design.
> The hart and the rider are considered co-primary
> charges, meaning each
> holds the same visual weight.  Therefore conflict
> might be called against
> a winged hart slient unridden, or an armed human
> figure without a mount.
> Yeah, I thought so...  There is a conflict:
> Embrys of Rhyll - April of 1981 (via the Middle):
> Argent, a winged deer salient
> vert, attired Or.
> There is one CD for adding the rider.  All
> deer/harts/stags are heraldically
> identical, and attires are too minor a design
> feature to get a CD.
> Your client can turn the hart and rider around, or
> add secondary charges.
> A chief, three somethings around the main charges, a
> base, a bordure, or
> any other added charge group would clear this
> design.  No complex lines are
> needed.  The most elegant fix would be a plain,
> uncharged vert chief, in my
> opinion, and that would make this design clear.
> - Teceangl

My client has decided she would like to turn the hart
& rider around, facing right, and add a green base. 
She also sent me this rough ASCII depiction of the
hart & rider's posture (before reversing it).

    X  | 
   <\\ |()  _____
  ___\\|/| /     / 
 /  /=\\ |/   )~~ 
   /  \ /\ __)
       \|  \ 
        / /
        \ \

Hope this works.

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