ANSTHRLD - Will this fly?

Teceangl tierna at
Tue Feb 27 16:33:49 PST 2001

> My client has decided she would like to turn the hart
> & rider around, facing right, and add a green base. 
> She also sent me this rough ASCII depiction of the
> hart & rider's posture (before reversing it).
>     X  | 
>    <\\ |()  _____
>   ___\\|/| /     / 
>  /  /=\\ |/   )~~ 
>    /  \ /\ __)
>        \|  \ 
>         / /
>         \ \
>          ||
> Hope this works.

Aha, difference between blazon and emblazon.  I'd thought you'd said the
lance was parallel to the ground, but it's perpendicular.  So, fixing that
and turning the whole thing around comes up with this blazon:

Argent, a woman armed cap-a-pie and maintaining a lance palewise mounted 
upon a winged hart salient contourny vert.

Woah!  For just a moment I thought I'd caught another conflict with the
charges contourny, but I was wrong.
Here's what I found:
Alan MacMillan - June of 1988 (via Atenveldt): Erminois, a winged stag salient 
to sinister vert.
There is one CD for change of field tincture and one CD for the addition of
the rider.  CLEAR!

And versus the original conflict call:
Embrys of Rhyll - April of 1981 (via the Middle): Argent, a winged deer 
salient vert, attired Or.
One CD for adding the rider (co-primary so the CD if for change of number of
charges in the primary charge group) and one CD for (now) orientation by virtue
of having turned the stag/hart around.  Clear.

There are no other winged stags with riders in other tictures on argent fields,
nor other winged vert stags, nor riders on vert rampant/salient creatures on
argent fields.  Those are the other conflict possibilities.  I think this is
now good, clear armory.  
Make sure there's internal detailing.  Tne uncoloured version should look like 
a colouring book page, all in line drawing.  The coloured version should be
the line drawing with tinctures added.

- Teceangl
   It's a 1988 registration; it could be anything short of an automobile.
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