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Thank you so much for your quick reply!!!

Would this information be enough for name documentation?

-- Suzanne

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> Suzanne Powell wrote:
> > 
> > Angus de Botha
> > 
> > The gentleman in question has a late Scots persona.  His mundane last name
> is
> > Booth and information from other family members has it that the original
> clan
> > name was de Botha (don't know how correct that is).  Angus has been a
> family
> > nickname.
> > 
> > Would this be a viable name for a late Scots persona?
> Angus - Black, s.n. Angus....The first of the name recorded in Scotland
> was Angus, one of the three sons of Eochaidh, who took possession of
> Isla and Jura. The name of the Pictish king, Onnust filius Urgust who
> died in c. 761, is the same...Angus, son of Somerled c. 1150, Angus mac
> Dunec'...1204-1211. Anggues 1558. 
> Booth-Black, s.n. Booth. Of local origin from a residence at a booth
> (ME. bothe, a hut of temporary shelter). The surname is found in several
> parts of Scotland. the ship of Walter de La Bothe, a merchant of
> Aberdene, was plundered at sea by the English near Yarmouth in 1273,
> Chrisiane 'atte bothe' of Berewyk in 1296, Andreas de Botha in Dundee in
> 1381, Nicholas de Botha in Dundee in 1381, William de Botha witness
> c1350-66.
> By end of period 'de' had been dropped from most by-names as inherited
> had become fixed surnames.
> Bothe- Hitching and Hitching, s.n. Bothe listed in the 1602 index. Bothe
> from Rochdale, Lancashire.
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