ANSTHRLD - Name Check - Angus de Botha

Andrea Hicks maridonna at
Tue Jan 2 15:17:09 PST 2001

Suzanne Powell wrote:
> Thank you so much for your quick reply!!!
> Would this information be enough for name documentation?
> -- Suzanne

It should be.  Be aware that the Hitching and Hitching book *need
photocopies*, unless someone in the Ansteorran chain-of-heralds (what
visions come to my mind!) or heirarchy has a copy, or someone you know
has a copy. If not, let me know and I'll get you what you need.

Black's full citation is :Black, George F._The Surnames of Scotland_.
New York Public Library, 1996, ISBN 0-87104-172-3.

Hitching and Hitching sitation is:_References to English Surnames in
1601 and 1602_. F. K. Hitching & S. Hitching, Reprinted for Clearfield
Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1998, ISBN
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