ANSTHRLD - Badges for Kingdom Awards/Titles

Suzanne Powell suzanne_powell at
Tue Jan 2 15:04:15 PST 2001

Greetings, Borek!

Thank you for the information.  

Regarding King's Champion ... I understand about the position itself as its own
recognition, but Queen's Champion has a registered badge and scroll text.  Why
not King's Champion as well?

-- Suzanne

P.S.  The same kind of question goes for "Premier Artisan".  There currently
exists a registered badge and scroll text for Premier Bard, does anything exist
(or is in the works) for "Premier Artisan"?

--- Brent Ryder <bryder at> wrote:
> >In the online Awards Texts are also mentioned King's Champion (no badge
> >registered),
> none will be - The position itself is it's own recognition
> >Queen's Blade of Honor (no badge registered),
> See above
> >Kingdom Defender of the Children (badge in submission), Kingdom >Champion of
> the Children (badge in submission).
> These two have generally been held at Steppes Warlord where the idea started
> although they need not be held there forever. They are Heavy and light
> competitions respectively and their format changes year to year.
> Borek
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