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Here are the Ansteorran items from LoAR 09/2000.

 1 Return
24 Acceptances

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Donald MacDonald. Name.
     We are not entirely sure the present-day authors Donald MacDonald,
     Donald F. MacDonald and Donald L. MacDonald, cited in commentary,
     are important enough to protect. Da'ud ibn Auda wrote, in the
     March 1992 LoAR on a case of a conflict against a modern author:
     "His name is apparently too recent to appear yet in any of our
     standard sources, but he is clearly well known enough to warrant
     protection. (Even Lord Laurel who has read none of his works, is
     familiar with all the titles mentioned by the commenters.)" We are
     not confident that any of the cited authors are that well
     known. It doesn't matter, however, since the name is also in aural
     conflict with Ronald MacDonald of hamburger fame, who is well
     known enough to protect.

     The device was registered under the holding name Donald of




Ariane Lancaster. Name.

Armando de la Cabanna. Device. Sable, a double-bitted axe and on a
  chief Or a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable.

Catalina Ana de Salamanca. Name and device. Argent, a wagon wheel
  azure, a bordure vert.

Dominique Michelle le Vasseur. Device. Argent, a peacock close
  contourny and a bordure invected purpure.
     This is clear of Helena of Heathcote, Argent, a heathcock passant
     to sinister within a bordure purpure. There is a CD for the change
     in the line of partition of the bordure, and as heathcocks and
     peacocks are both period charges and Helena's heathcock is both
     chicken-like in appearance and has the distinct upright tail, a
     second CD for the type of bird.

Donald of Lindenwood. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name).
  Vert, three sheep statant argent.
     Nice armory! Submitted under the name Donald MacDonald

Elspeth de Forbeys. Name change from Isobel Margaret de Forbeys.
     Her old name is released.

Fathir von Trier. Name.

Ginevra Rodney. Device. Argent ermined vert, a wild ginger flower
     This is clear of Seamus a' Chnuic Ghuirm, Argent, a trillium
     inverted purpure barbed vert and seeded Or, as there is one CD for
     the field, and a second for the inversion of the flower.
     Three-petaled flowers have a distinct orientation, unlike flowers
     with more petals.  This is also clear of Elspeth of Harilow, A
     heartsease proper [Viola tricolor], as there is one CD for the
     field and one for type of flower.  As there is no evidence of
     heartseases being used in period, we must judge difference on
     visual grounds. A heartsease has both a different number and of
     petals and the petals are a different shape, therefore it is
     sufficiently different from a trillium.

Johann von Sternberg. Badge. Sable, in chevron five compass stars
  elongated palewise Or.
     To quote Clarion: "It is standard SCA and mundane practice to put
     charges 'in <ordinary>.'"  Thus, this does not fall afoul of the
     ban against charges in arch, nor that forbidding constellations.

Jonathan Christian Clare. Name change from Christian Clare.
     While the submitter requested an authentic Elizabethan English
     name, the new name is in fact markedly less authentic than the
     already registered one.

     His old name is released.

Josephus de Hudelesdun. Name.
     Submitted as Joseph Alfred Huddlestone, he requested an authentic
     12th-13th century English name. We have therefore dropped the
     second given name, not attested that early, and changed the
     spelling of the given and byname to match documented examples.

Lowrens of Ross. Name.

Lucius Hadrianus. Name and device. Vert, on a pall argent three frogs
  heads to center vert.

Patricia of Blackmoor. Reblazon of device. Sable, a dexter hand
  aversant fesswise sustaining a gillyflower proper.

Reinne du Bois. Device. Sable, a sword bendwise between two suns in
  splendor, a bordure Or.
     Listed in the LoI as a registration for both a name and device,
     the name was already registered in February 2000.

Ricardo Esteban de Salamanca. Name and device. Per bend sinister sable
  and Or, a mullet of six points and a raven rising counterchanged.
     This is not in conflict with Muredach D{a'}il Riata, Per bend
     sinister sable and Or, an increscent and a raven
     counterchanged. There is a CD for changing the type of half the
     primary charge group and a separate CD for changing the posture of
     half the primary charge group.

Robert Moondragon. Name and device. Azure, on a saltire between four
  bears rampant Or a bear rampant azure.
     The submitter is the son of Tivar Moondragon, so he can use the
     byname under the Grandfather Clause.

Sara Penrose. Device. Or, a rose proper within an orle sable.

Tatiana Laski Krakowska. Name.
     Submitted as Tatiana Leski Krakowska, we have corrected the typo
     in the LoI.

Timothy of Glastinbury. Name and device. Azure billety argent.
     Nice armory!

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