ANSTHRLD - Heralds classes requested for WWC MGreene at
Wed Jan 3 09:03:17 PST 2001

Greetings Heralds and Scribes  of Ansteorra,
A request has been made for teachers for Heraldry/Scribes classes to be
taught at the Westgate Winter Collegium (WWC), set for Feb. 17th, in the SW
Houston area (at St. Thomas where Stargate has held several Yules).
Several of these can be taught by either heralds or scribes, who have
knowledge in these areas.

Some suggested classes include:  Basic Heraldry (Learning the components to
begin working on your device), Picking a Name,  Kingdom Awards and
Insignia,  Completing a Court Award Report (a class for anyone, not just
heralds), Charter and Scroll Creation/Painting in Ansteorra... to name a
few.    Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced classes welcome.

This event is tailored as a 'How To...' event, so we are looking for
classes on 'How To... do things in the SCA'.    Reasonable hotels are in
the areas, as well crash space is available.

If you are interested in teaching, please fill out the following and
forward it to me.   Please send all questions to me directly, as I am not
on the Heralds list.    Many Thanks,   Hillary Greenslade    WWC Class

Westgate Winter Collegium, Feb. 17th, 2001
SCA Name:
Legal Name:
Class Title:
Class Size Limit:
Class Fee:
Class Length:  (1 hr, 1.5 hr, 2 hr):
Time Preference:  Morning/Afternoon/don't care:
Conflicts to avoid, if possible:
Class Location:  Indoor/Outdoor:
(unless specified, the class will be indoor.  Pending bad weather,
class may be set outdoors if preferred.  Site provides an outdoor
covered porch on concrete and large open field.)

Class description: (1-2 lines for site handout)

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